Add Mini Soldiers to Minecraft with Koda’s Clay Soldier Mod (1.7.3)

Minecraft mod 1.7.3 clay soldier
This Minecraft mod is truly incredible. It allows you to craft tiny, mortal soldiers in your Minecraft world. These soldiers can then be used to fight against each other to state epic battles. These soldiers can be put on different teams, armed, protected, put of tiny horses, and more!
Koda’s Clay Soldier Mod for 1.7.3
ModLoader for 1.7.3
  1. Find your minecraft.jar file. On Windows, this can be found by going to %APPDATA%/.minecraft/bin.
  2. Open minecraft.jar in a program such as WinRar or 7-Zip.
  3. Delete META-INF from Minecraft.jar.
  4. Extract the files from both of the downloads.
  5. Drag all of the extracted files into Minecraft.jar.
  6. Close minecraft.jar, and have fun!
Clay Soldier Minecraft 1.7.3 mod hack
The first thing you will want to do is to craft a clay soldier. You can craft a clay soldier like this:
Craft a clay soldier Minecraft mod
Because clay soldiers are so tiny, one block of clay and one block of soulsand will create 4 tiny soldiers. Soldiers can be placed by right clicking. They are able to climb up one block and will die after only one hit by the player. Because they are so weak, they will only attack other clay soldiers. Because clay soldiers are team based, the grey soldiers will not attack each other. In fact, grey soldiers are the most peaceful and won’t attack other soldiers without being attacked first. When non-grey soldiers come into play, things get a little more exciting. Craft non-grey soldiers like this:
Minecraft mod cheat 1.7.3
Mod for Minecraft clay soldier
Minecraft mod 1.7.3
Minecraft clay soldier mod 1.7.3

When placed down, different colored soldiers will attack each other. This can be exciting, but this mod gives you the ability to customize you little clay friends!
Customize Minecraft mod
By dropping items with “q” you can give them to the tiny soldiers. If you drop a pile the soldiers will pick them up and split them up among their team members.

By giving sticks to the soldiers you can increase their attack. It will increase it either half a heart or a full heart for 15 uses before it breaks.
Give soldiers armor Minecraft mods
Clay soldiers don’t have any skin or bones, so protection is important. One piece of leather is sufficient to protect their whole body during battle. It will reduce the damage from every blow by other soldiers by 50% for 15 turns.
Give soldiers food to protect them hack
Food can be used to heal hurt soldiers. They will save it and use it whenever necessary. One item of food will be split up into 4 meals. These meals can be eaten to restore the soldier’s hearts. They can eat any food except for cakes, which are far too big for their tiny mouths.
Clay soldiers will have a king minecraft
Even clay soldiers are smart enough to recognize that without central leadership, battles will be chaos. When the soldiers get a gold ingot, they will use it to craft a crown and assign a king. Once a king is assigned, its team members will follow it diligently.
Minecraft mod hack 1.7.3 cheat
When a soldier is given lightstone dust, it will turn into a living glowstick! This will make is easier to find in the dark. Just like torches, the glowing effect will last forever.
Minecraft mod 1.7.3 Clay soldiers
If clay soldiers fighting to the death with sticks isn’t exciting enough for you, you can give your soldiers sulfur. This will make them “creepier” and will cause them to explode when they meet their violent demise.
Minecraft sugar
Giving soldiers sugar will cause them to walk faster and increase their agility. Just one lump of the stuff will cause them to be in this fury for a whole minute. Don’t worry though, soldiers have self control. They will only eat one lump a minute so giving them a stack is safe.
Mods for Minecraft
Since the very essence of clay soldiers is clay, giving them clay will allow them to repair their fallen team mates. When a soldier is killed,
a team-mate can revive them into full health using clay. Just don’t expect it to happen during the middle of a fierce battle.
While foot soldiers are a key component of a successful clay army, no army would be complete without something that the soldiers could use to valiantly ride into battle with. That’s why this mod would not be complete without horses.
Minecraft horses mod 1.7.3
To craft a horse, use the following recipe:
Craft a horse minecraft mod
Horses have greatly enhanced speed and health. They have 50% more health than soldiers and 50% of each attack towards a soldier on a horse will be inflicted onto the horse instead. Because horses have no team allegiance, they will often be taken as a prize of war by opposing teams.
Mods for Minecraft 1.7.3 cheat hack
To make things easier, soldiers will not disappear into the earth after they are killed unless they explode. Instead, they will drop onto the ground in the form of dolls so you can use them over and over again.


  1. Is this soon going to work with Craftbukkit? Or do it work now? With the new 1.8.1 :D

  2. I think yes,the dowload on this blog is to 1.7.3(at the future 1.8.1) =D

  3. Couldn't get it to work on minecraft 1.25